Women's tips for health hygiene

Women always think not to discuss it public ally but these Are Women's tips for health hygiene


So lets begin about Women's tips for health hygiene

Women's tips for health hygiene You think it's also something that girls that either they kind of like just got their period they're kind of moving from girl to like woman's stage there's a lot of things that we don't think about you remember myself kind of being in that position first getting like cycle and then also realizing that like you had an odor how do you clean myself what you do you just remember going through that and you wanted to do this  to almost refresh us ladies in our hygiene and to remember it and to take care of ourselves and then also this may be a good  for girls that just got their period and they don't know how to kind of start more of like a hygiene routine you know what I'm trying to say so in today's

I'm going to be sharing a bunch of feminine hygiene tips that you personally use that I've used for years now that have been absolutely fantastic and very helpful and affordable and easy for me to do and to implement but before we hop in you want to go ahead and think lively for sponsoring. 

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Women's tips for health hygiene

 the super cool community thank you lively again for sponsoring today's  and we're gonna go ahead and get started with these tips tip number one is unscented lotions and you know you can go into a store maybe you're a bath and Body works person something else kind of person and you smell something and you're like oh this smells so good it probably has fragrance or par fum in it you encourage you to watch the documentary it's called stink it's absolutely phenomenal you can watch it on Netflix it talks about the dangers of fragrance and especially putting it on your body and for us as women we have different areas in our body that are just really a lot more susceptible to soaking up those products versus other areas our body and a lot of it is the the chest area

 so you're commend if you're going to go ahead and buy a lotion or slather lotion on yourself make sure that it is fragrance free it can be naturally fragrances but again just kind of make sure what they're naturally using just because it's natural doesn't always mean it's good and keep it away from as women the pink areas of our body you think most ladies know down below usually Women's tips for health hygiene  don't put lotion but a lot of ladies don't think about our chests over those little pink areas because again 

they're very susceptible to soaking up product which may not always be the best for you tip number two is to utilize baby wipes whether you have kids or not have baby wipes these are great just to freshen yourself up through the day Women's tips for health hygiene  you feel like as especially a breastfeeding mama right now I'm stinky all over the place but honestly in lady parts totally real stuff here you don't know why you just have this new odor and you don't really like it but taking a baby wipe and just kind of cleaning that area once or twice a day or however many times you want to in between showers is really good you get the natch baby wipes they're always unscented and it's a great way that you personally stay clean also 

it's not that to have an odor it's actually very natural for all ladies to have somewhat of an odor but when you start smelling kind of funky that's when you should be a little like mm you should hop on this like you need to do something about this so a little bit of odor not bad we all have natural stink funky stink you encourage you to use baby wipes tip number Women's tips for health hygiene three is honestly just sleep commando you have read so many articles over the years and even talked to some people who know about this stuff it's important to sleep naked once in a while if you can do it all the time all the power to you you wish you could it's just there's too many times you have to wake up in the night and help children and they don't want to see naked mama at all but sleeping commando is going to fully

 let your body breathe and air out even under covers we sleep with linen blankets so that's a very breathable type of fabric and it's very hypoallergenic and it's natural too so it is good on your body but sleeping commando you're letting your body air out really think about the amount of times that you're naked other than showering you know it's not often you get your whole body to really air out nicely so sleeping commando is quite lovely and you like it Women's tips for health hygiene

next tip is to refrain from overly tight pants and overly tight uncomfortable bras as well this is going to reduce ingrown hairs a lot of girls will kind of shave their housebreaking or something and then throw on a tight pair pants and wondering why they're getting rashes or ingrown hairs you're just kind of holding everything in and your body and your follicles and everything it isn't able to 

let anything out properly that can also start some moisture build-up which can lead to honestly some infections oh really tight clothing isn't healthy for you having some tight pants here and their skirts that's totally cool but to do it on a regular basis can actually be really bad for your body as a woman wearing comfortable pants linen pants and joggers are really fantastic and letting those areas just breathe is important and again it's going to reduce infection number five don't think hairless is better we were given hair down below as a filter to our lady parts Women's tips for health hygiene  if you're someone that likes to be absolutely hairless all power to you but if you're kind of watching this and you're not sure if you should or not maybe not you know like remove hair maybe not the reason that hair is there is to act as like a shield and a filter for your lady parts and that's a good thing people that are completely bare not just like a bikini but like completely like Brazilian bare they're more susceptible to a lot of different infections so actually having hair down there is a good thing that's why it's down there you can always kind of trim it up if you want bikini you waxes do as you please of course of course you can always do as you please but if you're wanting opinion hairless isn't always better there's hair there for a reason actually kind of like it 

it's kind of nice there next is to wear breathable pieces and just like lively kind of really thin bras those are really great on days where I'm just kind of around the house and you just need something a little more breathable for chest same when it comes to panties don't wear like thick silk panties cotton is always best something lacy is very breathable again letting those areas breathe is important to reduce odor infection and day it feels really good to have some air movement in those parts you know exactly what you mean next tip is to drink more so you will pee more peeing doesn't just naturally kind of cleanse your body but it also cleanses your lady parts how many times can you say  lady parts which is fantastic it has a good amount of acidity that it's going to cleanse properly without overly irritating our body is incredible also drinking more water is just good for you it's gonna help you with getting clear skin glow skin and Women's tips for health hygiene we all just love that that just absolutely always sounds fantastic cleanse your body it's gonna give you more energy throughout your day you're pretty much just gonna be radiant when you drink a lot of water but then also to drink a lot of water to encourage you to pee more and therefore be more cleansed down below is really fantastic 

it is also shown that it significantly reduces the amount of infection and even fungus build up in that area because yes happens yeast infections too not fun and last tip is to only use natural detergents when it comes to cleaning your clothes especially bras and underwear again anything overly scented or even just mildly scented with non natural scents is really bad for you and it is really easily absorbed in these areas so go for a more natural detergent you love bolder clean detergent completely natural it has a little bit of orange essential oil in it so it does have like a nice scent but it doesn't irritate parts at all just Women's tips for health hygiene another reminder everything we put on our bodies goes in our bodies and do you really want fragrance inside your body it's not gonna work well it's not gonna work well with the whole balance of your body they did a study and they were actually taking blood out of the umbilical cord of babies like once the babies were born and they found so many dangerous toxic fragrances in the blood of the umbilical cord which is being fed through to the baby and that really was like 

Oh to me like oh goodness like more of a reason to stay away from unnatural fragrances so switching it over in detergent I've actually noticed has helped a lot when it comes to rash eons and just overall discomfort highly recommended . These are all Women's tips for health hygiene

Aman Singh

Author & Editor